Closing Day Images

All the images are taken from video still captures. More too come...

Goddo with Sebastian Bach

One of the many times during the day when Sebastian Bach and Goddo got it on.

Goddo with Mark Holmes

Mark Holmes (Platinum Blonde) with Goddo

Andy Curran + members of Triumph + Kojo (Wild T & the Spirit)

Andy Curran (Coney Hatch) with Gil Moore & Phil X (Triumph), and Kojo (Wild T & the Spirit) - more images to come

Members of Triumph + Von Groove + Sebastian Bach

Gil Moore & Phil X (Triumph) with Mike (Von Groove) and Sebastian Bach - more images to come

Brian Volmer + Ian Crichton + Members of Goddo

Brian Vollmer (Helix) and Ian Crichton (Saga) sharing the stage with Greg Godovitz & Doug Inglis (Goddo)

Sebastian Bach + Goddo - doing Get The F*ck Out

This was originally meant to be the final song of the night and once again Sabastian Bach along with Goddo were equal to the job. This sequence is less about the playing and more about "Baz" doing a little creative renovations followed by some crowd diving. Don’t think the crowd minded a bit.

Wild Thing (the last song)

It was absolute pandamonium on stage for the final song. A lot of people got up to sing or just be there "in the moment". Me, working the camera, got jammed behind the speakers so it was hard to get a clear shot of everyone. Besides Greg & Gino from Goddo along with Sebastian Bach others included Mark Holmes (Platinum Blonde), Chaz (Lee Aaron, Forgotten Rebels), Mark Lockerbie (Teenage Head), Steve Madden (Reckless, Marshal Law), Rusty (Jack Damage) and Dan Gallaghar (TV personality). There were more and as images get added so will the names. Speaking of names I don't have last names for some and maybe even misspelled a few, you can always correct me by getting in touch